MOVE hacker-targeted CVEs to the top of your list

Build your Cybersecurity Strategy Based on Predictive Hacker Behavior

CYR3CON PR1ORITY approaches cybersecurity from the hacker’s world view, identifying real threats to client assets based on attacker behaviors. Rather than providing broad and non-specific risk management information, PR1ORITY intelligently sources the necessary data that, when analyzed, predicts the likelihood of an actual attack. With multiple options for integration, PR1ORITY gives clients the information they need to proactively manage threats.

CYR3CON PR1ORITY predicts which vulnerabilities hackers will exploit through the use of artificial intelligence and real threat intelligence mined from multiple sources including hacker communities.

Scaleable Prediction

The industry’s most accurate predictive scoring of weaponized exploits – based on peer-reviewed research
Automatically align the results of any major vulnerability scan with PR1ORITY at scale.
Use AI to predict what vulnerabilities hackers will be interested in before hacker activity begins

Intelligently Sourced


CYR3CON PR1ORITY is fueled by hacker community information

Allows defenders to focus on where the threat is going

Leverages hundreds of online hacker communities including social media, Tor, deepweb, whitehat, etc.


CYR3CON PR1ORITY provides Contextual Prediction™ - the text of the hacker conversations that feed the vulnerability prioritization assessment

The user has evidence as to why the vulnerability is threatened

The user gets meta-data that includes valuable information on prioritized vulnerabilities (i.e. source code, malware usage etc.)


CYR3CON PR1ORITY automatically translates non-English hacker conversations to English

Allows defenders to focus on where the threat is going

The user can understand the discussion without the need for additional lookups or linguist support

Streamlined Integration


CYR3CON PR1ORITY has a full REST-based API that includes RSQL

Easy integration with any number of platforms or systems

JSON-formatted results from a REST API is industry standard

CYR3CON has numerous integration scripts that can be provided to the customer

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CYR3CON PR1ORITY is available through the CYR3CON SCR33N web-based user interface

Single-pane for daily vulnerability updates

Features such as _sidekick available through the UI

Customizable for vulnerabilities of interest to the user

web based