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CYR3CON in the News

CYR3CON's Flagship Product PR1ORITY Makes Headlines

An entirely new approach...their new system is off to an impressive start.

Award winning Cyber security startup springs from ASU research.

Forewarned, those who had been using CYR3CON's service could take precautions.  Others were not so fortunate.

CYR3CON identified a conversation on a popular Russian forum that discussed using the leaked NSA exploits to launch ransomware attacks against hospitals in advance of the attack.

In effect, their machine learning system turns the hacker's communications and marketing activities into an early-warning system that protects software developers against zero-day exploits.  They hacked the hackers.

The company's highly differentiated, AI-based prediction and prioritization capability fundamentally shifts how corporate enterprises prepare for and respond to these challenging times.

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