CYR3CON FUS1ON identifies cyber systemic and aggregation risks in a multi-tenant environment

Find Systemic Threats


FUS1ON considers multiple organizations (i.e. business units, franchises, MSSP clients, or cyber insurance clients) to identify common threats.

Benefits: Single instantiation can be used to assess threat across multiple organizations


FUS1ON identifies "root threats" that can affect multiple organizations within (or supported by) the enterprise

Benefits: Root threats are the hacker threats that can affect multiple organizations


FUS1ON leads to an understanding of aggregation risk through patented technology by considering the root threats that affect multiple tenants.

Benefits: Reduce the cost and probability of the worst-case / most dangerous scenario.

Avoid Threats


Ranking for each individual vulnerability by assigning a probability or relative likelihood.
Accurately predicts when vulnerabilities exploited in the wild.
Quantified prediction by probability.
Created from peer-reviewed research.


CYR3CON FUS1ON is fueled by hacker community information.
Allows defenders to focus on where the threat is going.
Leverages hundreds of online hacker communities including social media, Tor, deepweb, whitehat, etc.


Allows for alignment of many popular passive scanning tools
Integrate with existing solutions used to assess other parties.
Align threats to vulnerabilities for tenant organizations while maintaining a light touch.


Allows for alignment of vulnerability scanning results from any scanner with CYR3CON FUS1ON results
Allows for input from all major vulnerability scanners.
Scales to hundreds of thousands of vulnerabilities.

Streamlined Integration


CYR3CON FUS1ON is available through the CYR3CON SCR33N web-based user interface.


Easy management of aggregation across multiple tenant organizations.

Simple summary report outlines systemic threats.

web based


CYR3CON FUS1ON has a full REST-based API that includes RSQL.


Easy integration with any number of platforms or systems.

JSON-formatted results from a REST API is industry standard.

CYR3CON has numerous integration scripts that can be provided to the customer.

api 2


On-premise options available


Allows organizations with strict disclosure rules to house all data on-prem.

onprem 21