Use CYR3CON’s powerful REST-based API and Python SDK to integrate predictions with a variety of other systems.

Mature Platform


CYR3CON has a mature API that has been in-use since 2016
Benefit: Robust, stable, proven API


CYR3CON can provide a library of Python scripts for common integrations and use-cases
Benefit: Easy-to-follow scripts allow for quick integration and rapid time-to-value.


CYR3CON has specific API calls designed to support web-based portals.
Benefits: Enables speed of loading and support to common web-based use-cases.

Atomic Feature

The CYR3CON API enables daily dumps of information as well as repeated queries.
Benefit: Multiple options allow for speed and flexibility. Government users can import CYR3CON data into secure enclaves.

Standards Based


Leverages NIST's identifiers for vulnerabilities (CVE numbers) and software (CPE numbers).
Benefit: Allows for easy alignment to vulnerabilities. Universally accepted standards.


CYR3CON's API is based on the REST standard, producing JSON output.
Benefit: Nearly every development shop is familiar with the REST standard. Easy to integrate with other data sources and various big-data platforms.


Powerful, standards-based search capabilities across the API.
Benefits: Enable various searches within the API. Based on a well-accepted standard.

Intelligently Sourced


The CYR3CON API provides the text of the hacker conversations that feed the vulnerability prioritization assessment. Benefits: The user has evidence as to why the vulnerability is threatened. The user gets meta-data that includes valuable information on prioritized vulnerabilities (i.e. source code, malware usage etc.)


CYR3CON PR1ORITY automatically translates non-English hacker conversations to EnglishBenefit: The user can understand the discussion without the need for additional lookups or linguist support.