CYR3CON started with a simple premise – what if, rather than playing catch up, we could predict where the next attack might occur? This deceptively simple idea is now supported with multiple patents, new algorithms that live up to the AI hype and a dedicated and determined team that make it all happen. Read about our founder, CEO Paulo Shakarian and take a look at our history as CYR3CON continues to change the way organizations and cyber security professionals think about the evolving threat landscape.

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Paulo Shakarian

CEO & Co-Founder

Paulo Shakarian, Ph.D. is CEO and Co-Founder of Cyber Reconnaissance, Inc., (CYR3CON) which specializes in combining artificial intelligence with information mined from malicious hacker communities to avoid cyberattacks. Shakarian also holds a tenure-track position at Arizona State University as a Fulton Entrepreneurial Professor. He has written numerous articles in scientific journals and has authored several books, including Elsevier’s Introduction to Cyber-Warfare and Cambridge’s Darkweb Cyber Threat Intelligence Mining. He has led research efforts funded by IARPA, DARPA, ONR, AFOSR, and ARO. Shakarian was named a “KDD Rising Star,” received the Air Force Young Investigator award, received multiple “best paper” awards and has been featured in major news media outlets such as CNN and The Economist. CYR3CON, Shakarian’s company, has received multiple industry accolades including awards from PwC, Cisco, and the DoD. Previously, Paulo was an officer in the U.S. Army where he served two combat tours in Iraq, earning a Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal for Valor. He also previously worked as an Assistant Professor at West Point.


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