Make avoiding attacks your PR1ORITY

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with CYR3CON's unique, hacker-centric approach to predicting and preventing cyber attacks.


CYR3CON PR1ORITY predicts which vulnerabilities hackers will exploit in the future through the use of artificial intelligence and information mined from hacker communities. 


CYR3CON FUS1ON identifies cyber systemic and aggregation risks in a multi-tenant environment.


CYR3CON’s OEM solutions enable firms to leverage the power of CYR3CON in their cybersecurity products and services.

You’re prioritizing vuln scan results, and by CVSS score, which is common industry practice. But you’ve still got a lot of work. Studies show that only a fraction of vulns are actually exploited-in-the-wild. CYR3CON PR1ORITY uses peer-reviewed attacker-focused AI to determine which ones. Use PR1ORITY to go through your scan results and prioritize based on real-world threat.
Prioritizing patching of CVSS “critical” and “high” vulns is common practice, but hackers still exploit “medium” and “low” severity vulns in the wild (think HeartBleed). CYR3CON PR1ORITY identifies all vulns, regardless of CVSS category, that have piqued hackers’ interest and helps ensure you properly PR1ORITY-ize them based on threat - even when it is where most enterprises may least expect.
How do you quantify threat once you ID your vulns? You might think published exploits would provide a hint, except studies show the majority of vulns with PoC exploits are not exploited, while half the vulns exploited-in-the-wild have no published PoCs. CYR3CON PR1ORITY provides an empirically-determined, AI-driven probability of exploitation. It is precisely defined to be the probability of the threat using the vulnerability, so it is well understood and can be integrated into a larger risk-management framework.

Ops management is pushing back on your threat-PR1ORITY-ized remediation plan because of software dependency problems; costly upgrades; or customer-inconvenient downtime. How do you convince them that the threat is real and the fix necessary? CYR3CON PR1ORITY backs up all exploit predictions with relevant hacker community data that you have access to and can use to justify your plan.

You’re concerned that different vulns pose unique real-world risk for the varied mix of platforms, devices, and applications in your enterprise. CYR3CON PR1ORITY enables enterprise scale threat research using objective AI backed by world-wide hacker community data. With the REST-based API (on-prem or web-based) you can rapidly query, prioritize, and get updates on any vulns of concern.

Large, rapidly moving attacks like NotPetya taught us that systemic threats in cybersecurity are not necessarily restricted to industry verticals or geographic regions. CYR3CON FUS1ON extends the threat-based quantification capability of CYR3CON PR1ORITY and can identify and quantify systemic threats across your departments and among your interconnected partner organizations.

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Advanced analytic methods for deriving useful vulnerability information from observed hacker conversations.


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